Accidental Text From Stranger Scores Couple Free Tickets To Stanley Cup Finals

It was an unexpected surprise for the couple.

An accidental text from a stranger scored one Pittsburgh couple free tickets to the Stanley Cup finals.

Amy Santora, 45, said she was at home on Wednesday night when she received an unexpected text from a person looking for a woman named Julianne.

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"The text said, 'Hi Julianne,'" Santora told "He went on to say that he had two sets of tickets to the Pens game that night in two different sections and that he was really angry because he put it on Ticket Exchange and no one was buying them.”

Santora said she jokingly replied back saying she would take the tickets to Game 2 of the finals. She and her husband are huge Penguins fans.

“Never in a million years was I expecting him to reply,” Santora said.

But he did.

Santora said the man, Brad Hayward, said he had three different numbers for his friend Julianne but that he would try to reach her and if he couldn’t, Santora could have the tickets.

A few minutes later, Hayward called Santora letting her know that Julianne was only going to use one set of tickets, so she could have the other. It was 7:30 p.m. and the game started at 8:10 p.m.

“My heart just started racing. I am thinking this can’t be real. It has to be some kind of a prank. I asked him a couple of times in the text 'are you messing with me?',” Santora said. “He said, ‘just spell your name for me and the tickets will be at roll call.'"

Santora said she and her husband rushed over to the game to pick up their free tickets, which were selling for $329 a piece.

“We are huge Penguins fans and have been for a very long time. The last game I was at was in 1995. It was a huge deal to get to go,” Santora said.

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The Penguins won against the Nashville Predators, 4-1.

“It meant the world to us. The way that everything worked out was just unheard of,” Santora said.  “I feel like this is sign from the universe telling me there is good people still exist and good things happen.”

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