Witnesses Describe Horror During London Terror Attacks: 'I Saw a Man Stabbing the Woman' | Inside Edition

Witnesses Describe Horror During London Terror Attacks: 'I Saw a Man Stabbing the Woman'

Seven people died in the attack and 48 were injured.

Witnesses are recounting the horror they witnessed during the London terror attacks which left 7 dead and at least 48 injured.

The attacks began on London Bridge just after 10 p.m. Saturday when a van veered off the road, knocking down pedestrians on the bridge.

According to witnesses and police, three men then jumped from the van with large knives and began attacking people at bars and restaurants at Borough Market, which is a popular spot for pubs less than a quarter of a mile south of the bridge.

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Police shot three assailants dead after their eight-minute attack, according to authorities.

Gerard Vowls, who was reportedly on London Bridge at the time of the attack, said he saw the suspected terrorists stabbing innocent people.

"As I was across the road I saw a man stabbing the woman. And I think they had a guy on the floor they pulled off a bike, and they went 'this is for Allah' and just started stabbing him multiple times,” Vowls told CBSNews.

Vowls said he tried helping the victims who’d been stabbed and even tried to scare the attackers away.

“And then some guy comes around the corner and went 'run run run, they got blades, knifes, they are gonna stab you. They are terrorists. Run.’ And then he turned around and then they just stabbed him multiple times. He went on the floor,” Vowls said.

Another man, who was in a nearby restaurant when the attackers stormed in, said he thought his life was going to end.

Gareth, who did not give his last name, told CNN: 'I think it's the first time in my life that I got the feeling that it's absolute game over.”

Gareth said that he and his friend who he’d gone to dinner with, along with a pregnant woman, managed to hide inside of a cubicle.

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“It was the fear - looking into my friends eyes and looking to a woman who was about to give birth and seeing the fear in their eyes and trying to calm them down and not being able to make a sound,” Gareth told the station. "We could hear voices outside of the door and people walking up and down and we had to keep deadly silent because we thought we were going to get gunned down through the door, basically because we could hear the shots outside.”

Police arrested 12 people on Sunday in connection with the attacks after carrying around raids in East London, according to reports.

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