Hungry Baby Bear Gets Stuck in Parked Car While Looking for Snacks

A curious cub was spotted in the back seat of a parked car.

The back seat of a car is probably not the best place for this tiny cub to get cozy.

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Police in Colorado are warning citizens to be careful about leaving food in their car after a hungry baby bear somehow got itself stuck inside a parked car while scavenging for snacks in Woodland Park Saturday night.

Photos of the furry intruder were posted to Facebook by the Woodland Park Police Department.

Although bears are known to be able to open car doors, this curious cub needed a little help getting out before it could be returned to the woods, police said. 

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Just last summer, a Colorado teen returned to her car to find a bear had locked itself inside just last summer.

None of the windows were broken, but the car was extensively damaged by the time authorities were able to get the bear out.

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