Royal Wedding Souvenirs Flying Off Shelves

INSIDE EDITION’s Deborah Norville and Special Correspondent Amanda Holden find the top royal wedding souvenirs that are flying off the shelves all over London.

Shops in London are packed with royal tchotchkes. There's even a commemorative breakfast cereal.

At Selfridges department store, INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville found some of the more delicious souvenirs.

With the national holiday on Friday, Brits all over the country are having parties. House parties, street parties, all to celebrate the wedding. And what better way to celebrate than cakes and cupcakes made by the same woman who's making the royal wedding cake.

Over at John Lewis department store, William and Kate tea towels are flying off the shelves.

A department manager told Norville, "We sell one of these every 20 seconds."

And one souvenir plate might be the biggest seller which says, "It should have been me!"

INSIDE EDITION Special Royal Correspondent Amanda Holden also hit the shops. Holden was allowed exclusive rights to go inside the best shop in all of England—Harrods—the one and only shopping experience.

Harrods is filled with special roses, that have been dyed royal blue just for this week's occasion.

Holden asked a Harrods representative, "Can you remember another time when Harrods went this all-out?"

"To be honest, no," he said.

Harrods's legendary window displays are all done up. Each Harrods window has a designer cake, a designer wedding dress, cutlery and china, everything needed to celebrate the royal wedding.

Holden visited her favorite part of Harrods...all the cakes and chocolate.

And they've set the tables in Harrods for a meal fit for a king, using 18 karat gold cutlery.