'Miracle Baby' Who Was Born Without a Nose Dies at 2 Years Old

It is an extremely rare condition.

An Alabama boy, who was born without a nose and gained media attention for his rare condition, has died at the age of 2.

Eli Thompson, who was dubbed “miracle baby,” was born with congenital arhinia, an extremely rare condition which causes the absence of a nose, nasal or sinus cavities, in 2015.

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Eli’s dad, Jeremy Finch, described his son as "very, very bright and happy, always smiling and giving everybody fist bumps."

His parents initially had no idea that the baby boy would be born without a nose and were shocked after delivery.  Eli was born breathing through his mouth, completely on his own.

“It scared the living daylights out of me," Eli’s mother told Inside Edition in an interview in 2015. "I didn't even know it was possible."

After Eli’s birth, doctors performed a tracheotomy to help him breath while eating. His breathing tube had to be cleaned several times a day.

Finch, took to Facebook Sunday to announce the heartbreaking news.

“We lost our little buddy last night. I'll never be able to make sense of why this happened, and this will hurt deeply for a long time. But I'm so blessed to have had this beautiful boy in my life!” Finch wrote. “He finished his race a lot earlier than we would have liked, but it was God’s time to bring him back home.”

It is not clear what caused the toddler's death.

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Finch also told AL.com that Eli had begun communicating using baby sign language and had started speech therapy at home.

Eli’s family is reportedly finalizing funeral plans. His funeral will be held at Fountain of Life Church in Saraland.

An earlier insideEdition.com report idenitifed Eli's dad as Troy Thompson, however, Thompson later turned out not be Eli's biological father. 

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