A Tour of Kate Middleton's Childhood Home

INSIDE EDITION gets a personal tour of Kate Middleton's childhood home just 50 miles outside of London.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney was given an exclusive look into the home where future princess Kate Middleton spent the first 13 years of her life.  

The Middletons' very own real estate agent, Dudley Singleton, took Diane McInerney on a tour of the home. It started in a remarkably tiny nursery.

"This is Kate's room on the left here from when she was born until I expect she was about seven or eight," said Singleton.

Kate's childhood home is in the English countryside, just 50 miles from London, but it's a world away from Buckingham Palace.

The massive palace has 78 bathrooms. It's clearly not the case in Kate's childhood home.

"The Middleton family shared just one bathroom?" asked McInerney.

"They did indeed, yes," said Singleton.

McInerney then saw the bedroom where Kate spent most of her adolescent years.

"This is the bedroom where Kate dreamt that one day she would meet her Prince Charming," said McInerney.

"I think so yes, I mean every little girl's dream," Singleton said.

And you might ask yourself if Middleton's parents somehow knew what was in store for their soon-to-be royal daughter. After all, they took the less spacious upstairs bedroom.

"You can see it's a bit smaller [than Kate's] so they were actually quite generous to their eldest daughter," said Singleton.

McInerney also saw the backyard where Kate played with her brother and sister, and the shack where the Middletons started their multi-million dollar party supply business.

Kate's new life as a princess is definitely a far cry from her humble childhood home.

"She had a completely different upbringing than Prince William," observed McInerney.

"Yes, I think that could be the understatement of the year!" said Singleton.