12-Foot Alligator Takes a Stroll Across Golf Course as Deer Watch in Awe

"Afraid? No. As long as you keep your distance, you are fine," said Jessica Miller, a staff member at the golf course.

A 12-feet-long alligator enjoyed an evening walk across a South Carolina golf course as visitors and other wildlife could only stare in awe. 

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The male gator was apparently making his way across the green and into a nearby pond, according to a Facebook post. A small crowd formed to watch the trek, and officials later determined the beast was 11 feet, 7 inches long by measuring an indent in the grass.

“Afraid? No,” Jessica Miller of the Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort in Saint Helena Island told InsideEdition.com. “As long as you keep your distance, you are fine.”

Even a couple of deer could be spotted in the video watching the enormous gator before going back to their own business. 

“When the bigger gators are out moving, they know the jig is up. They are not looking to attack anything but food,” Miller said. “Gators are a threat when they are in the water – that’s when they hunt. When they are out of the water, that’s when they are not dangerous.”

Miller, who often deals with animals around the property, said she was called on the scene to deal with this gator, but determined the scaly reptile would be better off if left alone.

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“If we had approached him and gotten much closer – because this is a big animal and slowly going along – his reaction could have been to lie down and start hissing,” she explained.

Sure enough, Miller said the gator did end up making it to the pond 40 minutes later.

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