The Other Charles Mansons: Meet the Men With Same Name as America's Most Ruthless Killer

These guys say they have nothing in common with the notorious murderer.

These three American men all share the same name as infamous killer Charles Manson, which can often result in uncomfortable silences and unreturned phone calls.

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“I am not a crazy cult leader," one man who bears the name of the cult leader told Inside Edition.

“The people that I call sometimes don’t return my calls,” said another Manson.

One Charles Manson is 62 years old, a married dad who works as a paralegal outside Chicago.

“With the name like Charles Manson people are not always anxious to help you,” he admitted.

He was just 15 in 1969 when, under the direction of Manson, seven people were slaughtered, including actress Sharon Tate.

“The day after he was indicted, I delivered newspapers," he recalled. "I saw, 'Charles Manson indicted for murder.' My only thought was, ‘What did my father do?"

For another Charles Manson, romantic relationships have been a challenge.

“When she says, 'Here's my boyfriend, Charles Manson,' they're like, ‘Are you kidding?'" the 37-year-old Kansas City resident told Inside Edition. "All my friends were telling me, 'You're named after a murderer.'

"No I’m not, I’m named after my grandpa."

Another Charles Mansion is 56 years old and served our nation as a Marine.

“My drill instructor in boot camp, I think he took the name personally," he said. "He made me do 20 extra pull-ups, 20 extra push-ups, 20 sit-ups. [He'd say,] ‘Charles Manson you serial killer!’ I didn't kill nobody," he said.

The three men linked up for Inside Edition and even made dinner reservations at a restaurant under their notorious name.

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When they get to the restaurant, they waited outside for a table until the owner called for “Charles Manson — party of three."

Fellow patrons at the diner couldn't believe it.

“I thought it was crazy,” said one.

“Who would name their kid Charles Manson?" another asked. 

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