William and Kate's Last Day as a Single Man and Woman

In the final hours before the royal wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton are spotted attending to their last minute preparations. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Tasty treats for the throng of reporters and well-wishers outside the princess bride's hotel were served by the gracious Head Chef and his staff.

On the top floor of The Goring hotel is the so-called Royal Apartment, where Kate is spending her last day as a single lady in rooms dripping in antiques. It costs $8,000 a night and it's just had a $250,000 makeover to make it truly fit for the future Queen.

INSIDE EDITION's Special Royal Wedding Correspondent Amanda Holden said, "All of Kate's girls are there. Her sister Pippa is there. Her mom is there. They've taken over the whole hotel. I wish I could be there. It sounds like they're having a great, fun, 24 hour girly kind of fest before she's completely taken away from them forever."

Kate will sleep in a four poster bed tonight, if she's able to sleep.

Kate's family has taken over all 71 rooms of the hotel, and police have taken over the street, constructing a security gate, a tent, and some of them are even armed with machine guns.

A canopy has been erected so no one catches a glimpse of Kate in her wedding gown before she arrives at Westminster Abbey.

Meanwhile, William blew off his pre-wedding jitters at a rousing soccer game with the lads. Thankfully, the other players, William's school buddies, were extra careful with the Prince.

"The boys around were told to be very gentle with him, not to knock him about too much, so that he didn't have any teeth chipped or black eyes for the big day," said Holden.

Continuing to throw caution to the wind, William sped back to the palace on his Ducati motorcycle, worth $28,000, as he spends his final hours as a single guy.