Bill Cosby's Wife MIA in Second Day of His Sexual Assault Trial; Star Witness Takes Stand

The disgraced comedian's four daughters were also noticeably absent.

Bill Cosby was missing a key supporter during Day 2 of his sexual assault trial Tuesday as the disgraced comedian arrived at court without his wife of 53 years — again.

“Will Camille be here today?” a reporter asked as the 79-year-old comic walked to the Montgomery County Courthouse in Pennsylvania.

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Cosby did not answer as he gripped the elbow of publicist Andrew Wyatt and entered the building. His four daughters were also absent.

“The absence of Camille Cosby is noted, usually a person charged with a crime, their spouse comes to show support for them,” said attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 33 Cosby accusers.

“Why Camille is not here is something only Camille can comment on and she has chosen not to do so,” Allred said.

Andrea Constand, whom Cosby is accused of assaulting, took the stand Tuesday as the prosecution's star witness. The former Temple University employee told jurors about a night in 2004 when she said Cosby drugged her at his home outside Philadelphia.

She spent more than three hours on the stand, recounting a relationship in which she looked to the Temple trustee as a mentor and friend, she testified.

Tearfully, she told of the evening at his home when he offered her three blue pills that he said were “herbal.”

“He said these will help you relax,” she told jurors. “He said put them down. They are your friends. They will take the edge off.”

He gave her wine as well, she said. Later, her vision began to blur and she was seeing double, she said.

Cosby led her to a couch, where she passed out, she said. She woke to him fondly her breasts and penetrating her with his fingers, she testified.

She kept in contact with him in the following years because he was a powerful trustee of the university and she feared angering him, she said.

Cosby’s attorney questioned her motives and said she had given conflicting statements to authorities, including describing the incident as having occurred after a Chinese dinner with him.

“I was mistaken,” Constand said, referring to the type of meal they had.

Tuesday marked the first time Constand had faced each other in court since 2005, when she was given a financial settlement after she filed a civil suit against Cosby. Her suit came after prosecutors declined to press charges.

The mother of accuser Kelly Johnson also took the stand Tuesday to describe a 1996 phone call from her daughter, who was sobbing and saying Cosby was trying to get her fired.

Patricia Sewell said her daughter told her that Cosby had given her a pill and assaulted her in his Los Angeles hotel room. She also said she received another call in which her daughter claimed Cosby was pressuring her boss, the comedian’s agent, to get rid of her.

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"She called me at work," the mother testified. "She was nearly hysterical. She was crying. She was telling me, 'Mommy, I don’t know what is going on, but they’re telling lies about me.'"

Johnson later wept as she recounted waking up half-naked in his bed. “I remember him being behind me, making those grunting sounds,” she testified. “I remember wanting to pull up my dress and wanting to cover myself, but not being able to," Johnson said.

She was called to testify by prosecutors hoping to establish a pattern of behavior by Cosby, who is on trial for allegedly drugging and raping Constand in 2004. 

Cosby has pleaded not guilty and has denied all accusations against him.

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