Woman Arrested in Videotaped McDonald's Brawl: Police

Valerie Shepherd, 21, was charged with assault and disorderly conduct in the videotaped melee at a McDonald's in Iowa, police said.

A 21-year-old Iowa woman has been arrested after a video of her allegedly attacking a McDonald’s employee recently went viral, police said.

Valerie Anne Shepherd, 21, was arrested Tuesday and charged with assault causing injury and disorderly conduct, the Des Moines Police Department said on its Facebook page.

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She was released on bail, according to online jail records.

The woman is allegedly seen on a video shot Saturday night at the fast food restaurant. In it, a young woman is seen yelling profanity over a chicken sandwich order that took too long.

Police said tips from the public led to Shepherd’s arrest.

Des Moines resident Amanda Gravely was in the drive-thru lane when she saw a blonde woman start screaming.

“It was really packed and you could tell they were short-staffed,” Gravely told InsideEdition.com Monday night. The customer was screaming and cussing because “her chicken sandwich wasn’t being done on time.”

On the video, the woman yells the F-word several times. When she is handed her food, she hurls the bag back across the counter, striking the store manager in the face, Gravely said.

Then the customer reaches over and punches the manager in the head several times, Gravely said.

“And then it was on,” she said. “The manager had had enough.”

Two men who were with the female customer held back other employees while the two women grappled with each other, Gravely said.

The video appears to show the two women later being separated by other workers and the customer’s friends.

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The customer and the two men left before police arrived, Gravely said.

“Then everyone just went back to work,” she said. “The manager went in the back to get herself together.”

Gravely posted the video to her Facebook page in hopes that someone would recognize the female customer, she said.

“She ought not to be doing that,” Gravely said.

“I think everyone should work fast food for one day when it’s packed and you’re short-staffed, just to know what it’s like,” she said.

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