Man Proposes to Elementary School Teacher With Children's Book Retelling Their Love Story

Eric Hernandez, 29, even drew all the illustrations himself.

When this California elementary school teacher flipped open a children’s book, she started reading a love story — her love story.

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In a video from Caters News, Melanie Goldsmith, 25, of Canoga Park, burst into tears as she read aloud from the book written by her boyfriend of five years, Eric Hernandez, 29.

He then dropped to one knee in front of her fellow teachers and proposed.

“She was overcome by the story,” Hernandez told

He said that when he was coming up with a way to pop the question, he wanted to incorporate the story of their relationship, as well as her passion for teaching.

“I wanted to create something that would be very nostalgic and encapsulating all the things we had done together,” Hernandez told “I genuinely wanted to make the moment unique.”

Months ago, he decided to illustrate a children’s book. The main characters would be two rabbits that retell memorable moments in their relationship.

“Some of the bigger moments, was the memory about the amusement park,” Hernandez explained. “She and I had gone to Disneyland and it started raining. Everyone else was running for cover and we sat in the rain together.”

After putting the book together using illustrations he made on Photoshop, Hernandez said he then talked to other staff at her school, who suggested they get together for a staff meeting, where they would ask Goldsmith to read aloud a book.

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“She did catch on a little earlier than expected,” he said. “As soon as she saw the first page, she started putting together what was going on.”

Either way, she said yes and the pair plans to get married later this summer.

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