3-Year-Old Rescued by Her Dog

When three year-old Victoria Bensch wandered off one night, her parents feared the worst. But thanks to her loyal dog, she's alive and well. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Little Victoria Bensch and her dog Blue have a very special bond. If it wasn't for her shaggy buddy, the 3-year-old might not be alive today.

Just before bedtime last Friday, Victoria wandered away from her home outside Phoenix into the desolate mountains, and Blue went with her.

"We were playing out there, and in 5 to 6 minutes she was out of my sight. She's gone. She's gone."

The family searched and searched. Desperate, her dad called 911. Her parents feared the worst. The temperature was a bone-chilling 30 degrees in the mountains, and Victoria was wearing just a light t-shirt and underwear.

"I kept thinking, we have to find her. We have to."

Rescuers searched through the freezing night without success. Then, just after dawn, a rescue helicopter spotted Victoria lying on some rocks with good ol' Blue by her side.

The dog, a Queensland Heeler, had loyally stayed with Victoria all through the night.

"He kept her warm. He stayed with her. He protected her."

It was a heart-wrenching moment when Victoria was reunited with her mom.

Cold and teary-eyed, her face streaked with dirt, Victoria is safe. She was treated at the hospital for minor scratches and mild frostbite, but thanks to a girl's best friend, she's alive today.

"If it wasn't for that dog, I don't know what would have happened. I owe a lot to that dog."