Brazen Thief Tries to Break Into ATM Using Stolen Backhoe: Cops

Prince George's County Police say the man wasn't able to steal any cash but did $10,000 in damage.

Cops say a brazen thief outside Washington, D.C., had the capital idea of breaking open an ATM using construction equipment.

But first, Prince George's County Police say the alleged criminal had to steal the heavy machinery. 

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Once behind the wheel of a backhoe — the kind used to dig massive holes in the ground — cops say the thief drove it about five miles to a bank where he allegedly used it in a bold attempt to break into an ATM last week.

"Despite the suspect’s extreme attempt to get into the ATM, he wasn’t able to get any money," police said in a statement. "But he did cause about $10,000 worth of damage to the ATM."

Along with shocking video of the would-be theft, police have provided a photo of the subject they say is the man inside the backhoe.

Detectives believe the same suspect is also behind an ATM theft in March of 2016. In that case, the investigation reveals he and two accomplices allegedly broke into a tobacco shop.

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Once inside, cops say they stole cash and the ATM.

Anyone with information on either case linked to this suspect is urged to call 301-390-2160. 

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