Newborn Baby Found Abandoned in Backpack Outside Grocery Store

The infant girl was found inside a Jonas Brothers backpack.

A newborn was discovered abandoned inside a backpack outside an Arizona grocery store over the weekend.

A 911 caller in Tempe reported the heartbreaking find Sunday evening. In the call, the passerby said he found the girl in a backpack that was inside a shopping cart.

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Asked if the girl appeared injured, the caller said only: "She's beautiful."

In the background the cries and gurgles of the baby can be heard.

"Oh my goodness," the caller said. "The baby was just barely born right now."

The caller then reveals that the baby is nude with a portion of the umbilical cord still attached.

The temperature was more than 103 degrees outside when the girl was found, cops told KPHO.

When a fire department operator got on the line with the man who found the baby, he was asked to make sure the baby was breathing by flicking her feet, which made the baby cry.

The girl was reportedly abandoned feet away from a fire station, which is considered a safe haven in the state of Arizona. Under state law, parents who surrender an unharmed newborn within 72 hours of birth to a hospital or fire station will not face criminal charges.

Nonetheless, officials are seeking information about the newborn.

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A photo of the baby was posted on the Tempe Police Department Facebook page Wednesday along with a photo of the Jonas Brothers backpack in which she was found.

"If you have information about this newborn's identity, the identity of her parents or recognize this backpack police are asking you to please call Tempe Police at 480-350-8311," the statement reads.

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