'Squat Your Dog Challenge': Can You Really Lose Pounds With Your Hound?

It's a workout that has gone to the dogs.

The viral phenomenon known as the “squat your dog challenge" has swept America.

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The fitness craze involves people hoisting their dogs either in their arms or across their shoulders and do squats as if the pet was a barbell.

Social media is flooded with videos of all types of bodies and dogs involved in the challenge.

Kellie Ames has a lab mix named Kade that weighs 50 pounds.

"I thought it was really fun," she told Inside Edition. "I love snuggling with my dog, so I didn't mind having him close when I was working out." 

She added that the dog doesn't like being picked up but "didn't mind too much" as she used him as a weight. 

It may seem like the ideal workout, combining a furry friend with a great workout, but could you be causing your dog some discomfort by lifting the animal the wrong way?

California veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber told Inside Edition that it's fine with the right dog, but he does have some concern. 

"My concern is, if you have a dog that is not very happy and tries to leap off your shoulders, there is a possibility that the dog can hurt itself," he said. 

He advises to have the dog on your shoulders for the squat. 

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The challenge was created by Texas resident Alyssa Greene, whose husband was in the Air Force. She told InsideEdition.com that she's “obsessed” with her puppy, Colonel.

She started posting images of herself squatting with Colonel on Instagram.

Greene told InsideEdition.com that her 15-month-old puppy is her “No. 1 pal and companion” while her husband is away. She said that “walks and being active are crucial when we are alone and home all day.”

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