Cosby's Sex Assault Accuser Testifies He Bought Her $225 Hair Dryer Because He Didn't Like Her Hair | Inside Edition

Cosby's Sex Assault Accuser Testifies He Bought Her $225 Hair Dryer Because He Didn't Like Her Hair

The expensive hair dryer was among many gifts the comedian purchased for Andrea Constand.

Bill Cosby's sexual assault accuser Andrea Constand has testified that the disgraced comic wanted her to straighten her curly hair, and once gave her an expensive hair dryer to do so, a Pennsylvania court heard.

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"He wanted it straightened for head shots,” she said during testimony Wednesday.

Constand claims Cosby was counseling her on a career in broadcasting, and even bought her a $225 hair dryer.

"He came on to you. He was buying you presents, showing affection, wasn't he?” Cosby's attorney asked Constand.

"Yes, he did," she answered.

He also bought her three cashmere sweaters and perfume.

But perhaps the most damning testimony has come from Constand's mother, who claimed the TV legend twice called her, admitting that he had given her daughter pills. He also called her "mom" in the phone calls.

According to Gianna, Cosby told her: "I apologize to Andrea and I apologize to you, mom."

She says he described touching Andrea in a sexual way, adding: “’I feel bad telling you this. It sounds perverted, like I’m a perverted person."

Then, she says, he offered to pay for her daughter’s graduate school tuition.

"If she wanted to do that, then I would be willing to pay for the schooling,” he allegedly said.

One of Thursday’s witnesses was a detective who spoke to Cosby investigating Constand’s claims back in 2005. Cosby related how she had visited his Pennsylvania mansion on several occasions.

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The detective says he asked Cosby whether his relationship with Constand was social or romantic.

"Both," the comedian allegedly replied, admitting that they had kissed and only once did she ask for it to stop.

The cop added that Cosby was not angry when she asked him to stop and he initiated the "petting" on every occasion.

Cosby was accompanied to court Thursday by two pals from Hollywood — comedian Joe Torry and actor Lewis Dix Jr. He appears to be taking the trial in stride, even goofing around with court officers as he arrived.

Cosby has denied all allegations against him. 

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