Kate's Wedding Dress is the World's Best Kept Secret

With just hours to go until the royal wedding, the speculation surrounding Kate's wedding dress has not diminished. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The house of Alexander McQueen has emerged as the odds-on favorite to design Princess Kate's wedding gown.

Kate's dress is expected to be modern, yet full, like one from McQueen's Fall 2012 collection.

"If you're getting married at Westminster Abbey you definitely need a grand ball gown to fill the space," says theknot.com's Heather Levine.

That's just one of the tips Women's Wear Daily got from famed wedding gown designer Vera Wang. The newspaper is now reporting speculation that America's leading wedding designer has been hired as a consultant for Kate's bridal party.

Wang isn't talking, but she's dishing out plenty of tips to brides like Kate.

Wang suggest keeping your makeup simple, so as not to detract from your natural beauty. She also says to go easy on the bouquet.

"When you think about your bouquet, you want to focus on something small so it doesn't distract from your gown," says Levine.

And never, ever, ever pull your gown on over your head.

"Putting your gown on over your head is a huge no-no; this is the easiest way to get makeup on your gown," explains Levine.

Another top designer, Bruce Oldfield, reputed to be a front-runner in the race to design Kate's wedding dress, acknowledged today that it's not him.

"I thought I'd duck out of the 'possibles list' to give everyone 24 hours to place their final bets!" he is quoted as saying.

But there is speculation that Oldfield is dressing Kate's mother Carole and sister Pippa for the big day. Both have been seen visiting his shop in London.

British designer Stella McCartney is considered a long shot because she's known for designing minimalist clothing.

But in just hours, the designer who created the dress of the century will be revealed.