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A Dog's Purpose: Pit Bull Keeps 2-Week Vigil Over Dead Poodle Friend

Rescuers were able to gain the dog's trust and brought her to a foster home.

A loyal pit bull kept vigil beside her best friend's body for two weeks on the side of the road near railroad tracks until a rescue team came for her.

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The dog, known as Cassandra, could not leave her friend, a poodle, behind. After railroad workers spotted Cassandra, they called Hope for Paws, who responded to rescue the pit bull.

The 1-year-old pup was picked up by Hope for Paws' Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz, who had to find creative and calming ways to get Cassandra into their care and eventually in their car.

After a successful afternoon of earning the dog’s trust, they brought her to California-based no-kill rescue group Doggie Bonez, where she was given a bath and was able to make new friends.

While searching for a forever home, Hope for Paws and Doggie Bonez told Cassandra’s story, and she was eventually adopted.

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“She is smart, obedient, loyal, affectionate, playful and silly,” Doggie Bonez said on their website. “Her nature is curious, playful and sweet.”

The loyal dog is now in a loving home and is loved as much as she adored her late friend.

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