Cops Rescue Tiny Fawn Stuck in Drain After It Was Heard Crying for Its Mom | Inside Edition

Cops Rescue Tiny Fawn Stuck in Drain After It Was Heard Crying for Its Mom

The tiny fawn cries out for its mother as it's extracted from the storm drain.

A group of cops in upstate New York came to the rescue of a newborn fawn stuck in a storm drain Thursday.

Video footage from the incident shows Sgt. Sal Matos and Officer Marc Lieman of the Ramapo Police Department in Suffern fishing out the tiny fawn from the drain while it cries out for its mother for several minutes.

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The officers were assisted by Chaverim of Rockland Emergency Services. 

"The outstanding professionalism of the Town of Ramapo Police Department and its officers continues to make its residents proud!" Chaverim of Rockland Emergency Services said in a Facebook post. "It's a privilege to assist." 

The helpless fawn appears to lie in the street, continuing to cry out, until the officer moved it into grass nearby. 

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The fawn was eventually reunited with its mother after coming out of the woods several hours later, according to Ramapo police, who think the reason for the mother's delay might have been the human scent transferred to the animal during the rescue. 

A dispatcher from Chaverim of Rockland Emergency Services who did not wish to be identified said the incident is the latest in a series of recent animal activities.

Another recent rescue involved reuniting a mother duck separated from her ducklings by a fence.

The dispatcher said the Chaverim emergency team typically helps with more serious interactions between people and wildlife, including bears or other animals that need to be removed from a home.

"We help put up traps, or help get animals out of houses, like birds or squirrels," she said. "Usually they come in from open porch doors. We can do other things, [like] refer people where to go. We try to help."

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