Princess Diana's Presence Felt at Royal Wedding

The beauty of the royal wedding was enhanced by echoes of Princess Diana that many say was an almost palpable presence in Westminster Abbey. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

As William and Kate took their vows, William's mother Princess Diana was an almost palpable presence in Westminster Abbey.

It was something Good Morning America's Robin Roberts says she could feel: "We are all here in part for Princess Diana because it's her son and I don't think this would get the same attention if it wasn't for Princess Diana."

The last time the two Princes were in the Abbey for such an important royal event was Diana's funeral in 1997.  

And there were distant echoes of Diana's own wedding in almost everything the couple did.

When William and Harry entered the Abbey they made a point of speaking first with Diana's brother, mother, and sister.  

Some of the flowers in Kate's bridal bouquet were taken from the same bush that provided flowers for Diana's bouquet.  

The hymn "Bread of Heaven! Bread of Heaven!" echoed across the Abbey; it was one of Diana's favorites and was played at her funeral.

The ring William slipped on Kate's finger was from the same nugget of Welsh gold that Diana's ring was made from.

And the open coach William and Kate rode in after the ceremony was the same one Diana and Prince Charles used on their wedding day.

A surprise guest was billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. His son Dodi was Diana's last boyfriend and died in the tragic car crash with her.  

Prince Charles and Diana were the first royal newlyweds to kiss on the palace balcony and the tradition was carried on by Prince William and Kate.

After William and Kate kissed once, the crowd cheered and chanted for another kiss.

"I hope going forward that everyone will stop the comparison between the two, but if you have to be compared to someone, why not Princess Diana?" said Roberts.