Woman Calls 911 Over Chicken Nuggets Order That Took Too Long: Cops | Inside Edition

Woman Calls 911 Over Chicken Nuggets Order That Took Too Long: Cops

An angry woman called 911 to complain her fast-food order wasn't quick enough, police said.

She wanted her chicken nuggets. And she wanted them quick.

A Texas woman called 911 after her McDonald's didn’t arrive soon enough to suit her, according to the Waco Police Department.

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"She was extremely belligerent," Sgt. Patrick Swanton told InsideEdition.com Monday. "The restaurant did a really nice job. They moved their employees away from her.

"She made it clear that she was not going anywhere, and she sat there in the drive-thru lane and it didn't matter who was behind her."

“Yes it happens!!” he wrote on the department’s Facebook page. “We actually had the chicken nugget call last night!”

She didn’t want to pay for them, either, Swanton said.

The woman was not identified by police.

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She received a refund and "we told her to get out of there," Swanton said. She was not charged.

“We peacefully resolved the nugget standoff. I can assure that the Waco Police Department has better things to do on a Friday night," he said. 

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