'Million Dollar Listing' Star Catches Naked Intruder Strolling Around His House: Cops

The realtor says he is now taking extra precautions to secure his home.

It was any homeowner's worst nightmare as Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star Madison Hildebrand says he was alerted to a naked intruder in his own house.

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“My heart dropped,” he told Inside Edition of the moment he says he saw footage of the nude dude making himself at home. “I just had no idea why this person was so comfortable in my house.”

The bare trespasser casually strolled around the realtor's home and peered out the window to see if anyone was approaching, according to the realtor. He also took the time to shower inside the home.

“I just don't know — it was so vile,” Hildebrand told Inside Edition.

He says he received an alert about the break-in on his phone while driving. He was then able to see video of the stranger.

The alleged intruder reportedly broke the lock on a sliding glass door to get inside. After taking a shower, he hid out in the attic, and that's where he was when deputies arrived at the scene with guns drawn.

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The suspect, Scott Andrew Morrison, was hauled away by cops. He was charged with burglary and pleaded not guilty. 

Hildebrand says he's now taking extra precautions to keep his home secure by installing extra locks, more cameras, and bars on the windows.

He hopes all future visitors arrive through the front door, invited, and fully clothed.

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