Mother of 3 Recalls Devastating Shark Attack: 'My Arm Was Ripped Right Off'

Tiffany Johnson credits her faith for saving her life.

Tiffany Johnson is lucky to be alive after a frightening encounter with a shark that gnawed her arm off while she was vacationing in the Bahamas.

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The 32-year-old was snorkeling in shallow water when a tiger shark suddenly clamped down on her arm and wouldn't let go.

"He wasn’t thrashing around," she told Inside Edition. "He was floating there with my arm in his mouth and staring at me. I just remember ripping my arm out of his mouth and looking at my arm and it was just gone. I was thinking, 'I am not going to die here, he is not going to take my life, I will not allow him to take my life.'"

Her husband, James, was in a boat nearby and jumped in the water to rescue his wife.

"I pushed her up the ladder and I was praying the whole time that the shark was not following us with all that blood in the water," he said. "I knew they could smell blood from a mile away." 

Tiffany was remarkably calm, telling her husband to get a towel to help stop the bleeding. 

As soon as she got in the boat, she began praying.

"My faith is what healed me," she said. 

The attack was only a week ago and the mother of three from South Carolina is still getting used to a new reality without her right arm.

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However, she refuses to waste a second feeling sorry for herself.

"My kids will ask me to do things," she said. "I will just tell them, 'Mama doesn’t have a new hand yet, so I can’t do that yet.'"

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