Exclusive Tour Inside Bin Laden Family Mansion in Florida

INSIDE EDITION got exclusive access inside one of the bin Laden family mansions right here in the United States that has been abandoned since 9-11.

This mansion may be the most infamous mansion in America.

It's completely boarded up. The pool is empty. Weeds are sprouting everywhere. And there's a bullet hole through an upstairs window.

The ghost mansion once belonged to the family of Osama bin Laden. Visitors enter through an imposing iron gate.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd got an exclusive tour of the home. Boyd reports that the place was built like a fortress. There's an 8-foot wall surrounding the front of the 17-acre property.

Upon entering the property, you drive down a winding road past a lake. Giant oak trees covered with hanging moss line the driveway leading to the rundown mansion. It's hard to believe it's just 20 minutes from downtown Orlando, Florida.

Boyd was met by real estate agent Autumn Norris for an exclusive tour. The first stop was the incredible ballroom which has a huge vaulted ceiling made of wood and a tile floor. The bin Laden family used to entertain there.

This mansion once belonged to Osama's brother, Khalil bin Laden.

Norris said, "He bought the property in 1980 for $1.6 million and he actually bought it as a gift for his wife as a wedding gift."

The billionaire bin Laden family had extensive business holdings in the U.S., but right after 9-11, they were all secretly spirited out of the country by the U.S. government.

Video of Khalil bin Laden from the documentary Fahrenheit 9-11 shows him at an Orlando airport boarding his flight out.

The bin Laden family simply abandoned the mansion, never to return. It has sat empty for the past decade.

Vandals have stripped it, but you can still see how opulent it once was. There's an oak bar from the roaring 1920's and a winding staircase fit for a prince.

The mansion has five bedrooms, a guest house, a carriage house, and horse stables set on 17 acres.

It's on the market for the relative bargain basement price of $2 million. Why? Most potential buyers are scared away by the bin Laden connection. It's even said that a young Osama bin Laden himself once stood in this ballroom.

"The devil supposedly at one point stood here and visited his brother," said Norris.