Police Honor 9-Year-Old Girl Who Saved Her Cousin, 2, From Drowning

His cousin was the first to notice the child lying motionless in the pool.

A 9-year-old girl who helped save her 2-year-old cousin from drowning has been recognized by police for her quick thinking.

Noe Molina’s cousin, Zully, rushed to his rescue at Camden Reunion Park pool in North Carolina Saturday when she noticed him lying beneath the surface of the water and pulled him to the surface.

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“We were at the pool having a good time when all of sudden we see a young girl coming out of the water with a young boy, who looked limp," Melissa Rodriguez, who was also at the pool, told InsideEdition.com. "She was handing the boy to his mother. When the mom realized what was happening she started screaming."

Melissa and her husband, Carlos, rushed over to help the family. Melissa, who is trained in CPR, said Noe wasn’t breathing and his skin was purple when she got to him.

She quickly began to resuscitate the toddler.

“He started trying to come back and so I gave him more compressions and he finally opened his eyes," Rodriguez said. "I immediately picked him up and started patting his back. After a few pats on the back, he began throwing up water."

EMS arrived to the scene soon after and Noe was transported to the hospital.

“I was very thankful because if Zully hadn’t noticed that he was in the pool, my CPR wouldn’t have worked. She was able to get him out of the pool in time,” said Rodriguez.

Noe’s mom, Karen Molina, said the moment was extremely scary.

“It was amazing when I saw him open his eyes," Molina told insideEdition.com. "I think that day is going to be unforgettable for me and everyone in the family.

"I am so thankful to Melissa, Zully, and God. If not for them, Noe wouldn’t be here.”

The Apex Police Department has since honored Melissa and her husband, as well as Zully for their heroic efforts.

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Noe is doing much better, according to his mom. She has an important message for parents, however.

“I just want to let parents know," Molina said. "Don’t take your eyes off your kids. In one second, a very bad thing can happen."

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