Proud Mom Introduces World to Giant Baby, Who Was Born at a Whopping 13 Pounds

"I couldn't believe how big she was," mom Chrissy Corbitt said.

Carleigh Brooke Corbitt entered the world earlier this month weighing an astonishing 13 pounds and five ounces, leaving everyone in the delivery room shocked, including the doctor.

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"When he was pulling her out of me he was like, 'This baby is never going to end,'" her mother Chrissy told Inside Edition.

The stunned mom from Keystone Heights, Fla., couldn't quite believe it when she saw her baby for the first time.

"When they held her around the curtain for me I just couldn't believe how big she was," she said. "I felt like I was looking at a toddler, I was like oh my god she's gonna walk to the nursery."

The baby’s father, Larry, was stunned as well.

"I remember looking at her going, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,'" he said.

The nurses had to grab diapers meant for a toddler as Carleigh was just too big for the ones designed for newborns.

None of the baby clothes the couple had already bought would fit; she now wears clothes that would fit a 9-month-old girl.

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During the pregnancy, the mother says her belly just kept getting bigger and bigger.

"She was so heavy in my belly,” she recalled.

Larry knows the whole pregnancy was no easy task for his wife.

"She’s a warrior,” he said. “A great mom."

The family has four other children and apparently saved their “biggest” for last.

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