Bill Cosby in High Spirits as Jury Decides His Fate, While TV Daughter Explains Her Support

The disgraced comic has been smiling and nodding at supporters as jury deliberations drag on.

Bill Cosby gave a "thumbs up" to supporters outside a Pennsylvania courthouse as he arrived for Day 3 of jury deliberations in his sexual assault trial.

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The shamed comedian appeared confident, smiling, and nodding at his supporters. The wait for the jury to return a verdict doesn't appear to be bothering him at all.

On Tuesday night, after a grueling 12 hours at the courthouse, he yelled out his famous Fat Albert catchphrase: “Hey! Hey! Hey!”

Tension is high at the Montgomery County Court Courthouse as deliberations drag on.

Some of Cosby's more than 50 accusers have made their way to the area in anticipation of the verdict, as four of them posed together on the courthouse steps along with one of their attorneys.

Meanwhile, Bill Cosby's TV daughter, Keisha Knight Pulliam, who played Rudy on The Cosby Show, has spoken out about her decision to walk arm-in-arm with the embattled comic on the first day of the trial.

“I truly believe you are innocent until proven guilty,” she told the Today show. “That is just not the man who I experienced."

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She says she'll be disappointed if Cosby is found guilty, but she'll still stand by her old TV dad no matter what.

“Sexual assault is nothing I take lightly or that I condone in any way shape or form, but he is still a father, someone's husband,” she said.

“Yes, he has been unfaithful but if she is willing to forgive him, that's between him and his wife.”

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