5-Year-Old Boy Saves Pregnant Mom's Life By Remembering Catchy Jingle

After she collapsed, Kristi Bailey survived but her unborn baby did not.

Kristi Bailey may have given her son life, but five years later, the child returned the favor after remembering a catchy jingle on what to do in case of an emergency.

When the Ohio mom collapsed in her home on May 3, her 5-year-old son Jackson knew exactly how to help.

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"You call nana, daddy, 911, if mommy’s on the floor,” Jackson Bailey-Kleinpaste said.

Bailey and her husband Todd taught their son the song so he could help in the event of an emergency, and were not expecting him to actually use it.

But that's exactly what he did last month when Kristi suffered an ectopic pregnancy, the condition in which a fertilized egg plants itself outside of the uterus, and collapsed.

“She was on the floor,” Jackson said. “She was very sick and she had to go to the hospital.”

Kristi's condition was so dire that she said goodbye to her family members in fear of dying.

“It’s hard because I lost a baby,” Kristi said. “If Jackson hadn’t called his dad and his grandma like we had taught him, over a year ago, then I wouldn’t be here.”

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This past weekend, the Worthington Fire Department gave Jackson a “Hero of the Day Award” and a special fireman's hat as a reward for his quick thinking.

“What the firefighters did in putting a positive spin, honoring him like that, and making him know he was my hero, was amazing,” Bailey said.

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