Osama bin Laden Was Hiding in Plain Sight

All across the United States, the news that Osama bin Laden is dead, and that he's been hiding in plain sight in a mansion, has surprised and elated Americans. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Osama bin Laden was hiding in plain sight in a million-dollar compound!

The compound in the town of Abbottabad where bin Laden was holed up is just 1,000 feet from Pakistan's version of West Point.

He was living in the lap of luxury with his wife and son, a far cry from the cave in the mountains where he was thought to be hiding.

"Look at the hubris that he had, that he was able to move back into Pakistan, right near Islamabad, right in the same neighborhood with a military installation," says former FBI Special Agent Mark Rossini.

The gunfire and explosions can be heard on video shot by townspeople during the raid. As flames erupted from the compound 40 Navy SEALs took down bin Laden.

As dawn broke you could see the wreckage of a U.S. helicopter used in the operation. Thankfully, there were no U.S. casualties

ABC News broadcast exclusive video from inside the compound.

There is video of the bedroom where bin Laden was ordered to surrender, and where he was shot in the head when he refused. Bloodstains are still visible on the floor.

"The most evil man in the world has now suffered a fate that he brought upon himself," says Rossini.

During the firefight an eyewitness tweeted moment-by-moment reports, although he did not know bin Laden was the target.

One read: "Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event)."

He also mentioned hearing "a huge window shaking bang."

Back in the U.S., White House officials were scornful of bin Laden's luxury lifestyle.

"Here is bin Laden, who's been calling for these attacks, living in this million-dollar plus compound, living in an area that is far removed from the front, hiding behind women," commented White House counterterrorism advisor John Brennan during a press conference.

The compound was built in 2005, possibly as a hiding place for bin Laden. It has 12-foot walls, and is much larger than other homes in the town.

And there is more information about the disposal of bin Laden's body. He was buried at sea Sunday from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, sailing off the Pakistani coast.