Officer Buys Groceries for 91-Year-Old Woman Whose Wallet Was Stolen in Supermarket

The 91-year-old woman's wallet was stolen as she shopped for groceries.

While a 91-year-old woman chatted with a fellow grocery shopper in the produce section, a man slipped her wallet from her open purse and walked out the door.

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When authorities arrived at the Publix supermarket, Boynton Beach Police Department Officer Janelle Jumelles took the manager aside. Would it be OK, she asked, if the elderly woman could take her groceries and go home? The officer promised to come back later and pay for the food.

The store offered to buy what was in the woman’s shopping cart, but Jumelles insisted she would take responsibility for the bill, according to the police department.

Bodycam video captured Jumelles telling the white-haired woman that she didn’t have to worry about paying for her groceries.

“But it’s so expensive,” she said, and shook her head in wonder. Then she began to cry, covering her eyes with her hand.

“Don’t cry,” Jumelles said.

The woman then wrapped her arms around the officer.

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Jumelles' generosity didn’t end there, as she helped the woman cancel her credit cards, and told her she needed to go to the DMV to get a new driver’s license.

And later that same day, Jumelles and Officer Evan Esteves stopped by the woman’s house and delivered a $60 gift card from Publix, to replace the food stamps that were in her stolen wallet.

She was again overcome.

“Thank you so much,” she said. “God bless both of you.”

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