Dad Fries Scorpion in Breadcrumbs and Egg Wash as a Snack for 4-Year-Old Son

Josh Mauls, however, said fried scorpion was not exactly his cup of tea: "I could feel every pointy leg, every claw."

This California family’s idea of an afternoon snack is not for the faint of heart.

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Four-year-old Miles of Phoenix, Ariz., often enjoys a fried scorpion whenever he’s feeling hungry after his dad, Josh Mauls, came up with a simple recipe — mixing the arachnid with bread crumbs and an egg wash.

“It’s not like I got him licking nine-volt batteries or riding around on my lawn mower,” Mauls told KPHO.

Mauls explained that after he and his son hunt for scorpions at night using a blacklight flash light before freezing the creatures “to put them out of their misery.”

They then cut off the stinger before preparing the dish. Cooking the scorpion neutralizes its venom.

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Although his son seems to enjoy the delicacy, Mauls said fried scorpion is not for him.

“I couldn’t chew it, so I swallowed it whole and I could feel every pointy leg, every claw as it lodged its way slowly down my throat,” he said. "I had to swallow five or six times."

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