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Couple Celebrates 68 Years of Marriage With Heartwarming Photo Shoot

Their anniversary is in September.

A couple that has been married almost 68 years celebrated their upcoming anniversary with a sweet photo shoot. 

Ollie, 83, and Donald King, 87, of Kentucky, will celebrate their anniversary in September and their granddaughter, Ashley Owens, wanted to do something special for the couple in honor of their long-lasting love.

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In a photo shoot set on the farm, where they’ve lived for the past 30 years, the pair shyly posed as Paige Franklin took photos.

“They are kind of shy and very humble. The photo shoot wasn't something they were super excited about. They did it for me,” Owens told “I guess as you can kind of see in the photos, they put each other before themselves. They just have a lot of fun together and sweet sincere relationship.”

Owens, who isn’t married yet, said her grandparents’ relationship is an inspiration to her and those around her. 

“I am a big fan of theirs. I love my grandparents,” Owens said. “Their relationship has set a very good example for me to follow and look forward to. They have always been very supportive. I thought it would be sweet to have pictures of them together.”

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She said the pair, who also has three children, doesn’t have plans for their 68th anniversary just yet, but they are excited to reach another milestone.

“I think the biggest reason they have been together so long because they put god first,” Owens said. 

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