Woman Robs Store and Apologizes to Owners on Her Way Out: Police | Inside Edition

Woman Robs Store and Apologizes to Owners on Her Way Out: Police

Police are still searching for the suspect.

A repentant robber struck at a Pennsylvania gas station before apologizing to workers on her way out, police said.

The woman, who police are still searching for, entered the BFS Food and Gas Station in Uniontown Monday and asked the clerk for two cartons of cigarettes, according to police.

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“It’s the store policy to put the cigarettes off to the side until it’s paid for. She questioned the clerk about what he did,” Lt. Tom Kolencik of the Uniontown Police Department told InsideEdition.com.

That’s when police said the woman brandished a knife and demanded cash.

“She told them, 'Give me the cash from the register and the cigarettes,'" Kolencik said.

The woman got away with $200 from the store, police said, but it was what she did before leaving that surprised officers.

“She made the comment, ‘I’m sorry. I have to do this,'” Kolencik said

She then told the clerks to “keep the change,” police said.

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Cops said they aren’t buying the woman’s apology and hope to locate her with the help of the public.

Authorities believe she is from the area.

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