In 24 Hours, a California Woman Survives Mass Shooting, Then Her Family's Home Burns Down

Woolsey Fire
Getty Images

One California family is still managing to look on the bright side, after enduring 48 hours of horror. 

Carmen Edman says her daughter, Deseriee, survived the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill on Nov. 7., when a gunman ambushed the establishment in Thousand Oaks, killing 12 people, according to KCAL.

The next day, The Edman family's Malibu home burned down, as a result of the Woolsey fire. The current death toll from both the Woolsey and Camp fire, burning in Butte County, stands at 74.

The family managed to escape safely, and for that, they say they are thankful. 

"I'm trying to stay as strong as possible for my family and my friends. And I'm trying to look at everything as positive as I can in these types of situations," Deseriee said. 

Deseriee's sister, Destiny echoes the sentiment. "The fact is we made it out alive, and my sister survived and we're here," she added. 

The Edmans credit Ventura County Sherrif's Sgt. Ron Helus with saving their family. He died protecting patrons at the Borderline Bar.

The Edmans attended Sgt. Helus' funeral on Thursday.


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