Death of Bin Laden Causes Surge in Patriotism

Thanks to the unprecedented death of Osama bin Laden, Americans are coming together throughout the country with a rush of patriotism. INSIDE EDITION has more.

The death of Osama bin Laden is triggering waves of patriotism from coast to coast.

People danced around bonfires, shot off fireworks, cheered and chanted in spontaneous celebrations of joy on college campuses.

For once, there are no Republicans and no Democrats, only Americans.

At Boston's Fenway Park, a giant American flag was unfurled across the entire left field wall and the San Diego Padres took to the field with special camouflage baseball shirts as a tribute to the Navy SEAL heroes!

At a National Hockey League playoff game in Philadelphia and an NBA playoff game in Chicago, the theme of the night was gratitude.

"We especially want to thank the heroic men of our special forces for the successful completion of their mission!" said an announcer at the NBA game.

Drew Carey, host of The Price is Right and a former marine, devotes today's show to the families of military people with this sobering reminder: "I don't see an end in sight to these wars, even with the killing of Osama. It's important to let them know we haven't forgotten them, and what they're doing over there. It is really hard work."

Even President Obama's nemesis Donald Trump is praising him for the success of the mission: "It is a great thing that happened, they did a fantastic job, it is about time!"

Of course, those late night comics are giving the big news their own special spin.

"Did you folks enjoy the Osama bin Laden season finale?" joked David Letterman.

"After nine years, America voted and Osama bin Laden was eliminated from the planet earth," joked Jimmy Kimmel.

Ironically, a national poll done for CNN last fall found that two-thirds of Americans were doubtful bin Laden would ever be found. Not surprisingly, the President's approval ratings have jumped on the news of bin Laden's death. A Washington Post survey found 56 percent approve of the President's job performance, up almost ten percent from a month ago.