Treasure Hunter Dies While in Pursuit of $2 Million in Gold Buried in Rocky Mountains

Thousands have searched for the treasure in recent years, but it has never been found.

A treasure hunter may have given his life in search of $2 million in gold.

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Paris Wallace, 52, vanished along a remote stretch of the Rio Grande in New Mexico.

He's the latest victim in the search for a chest full of treasure that eccentric millionaire Forrest Fenn says he buried seven years ago somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Fenn wrote clues to where the treasure is buried in his book, The Thrill of the Chase.

Thousands have become obsessed with finding the loot since he announced more clues on the Today show in 2013.

But the hunt has turned tragic.

Last year, 54-year-old Randy Bilyeu died while searching along the Rio Grande. His inflatable raft was found washed up on the river bank. His remains were discovered several months later.

About 80 miles away, another body has been found, and it's presumed to be that of Wallace, a pastor from Colorado.

Forest Fenn has told Inside Edition that treasure hunters are taking too many risks while searching remote areas.

“I hid that treasure chest when I was 79 or 80. I have said, don't search any place where a 79 or 80 year old man couldn't hide that treasure chest,” he said.

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The latest tragedy has triggered calls for Fenn to bring the hunt to a halt.

Fenn said of the pastor's disappearance: "My heart and my prayers go out to his wife and family and to his congregation. It is such a loss."

While Fenn has not provided any new clues in a few years he has said the treasure is not in any abandoned mines, as that would be too dangerous a place for people to explore.

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