Alligator Wrangler Called to Home for 'Emergency Removal' Finds a Tiny Lizard Instead

"It's this brown little lizard, around seven inches, who is blending into their door," said wrangler Christine Kroboth.

A South Florida couple who evidently did not know the difference between an alligator and a lizard were left trembling in fear after a shocking discovery on their front porch.

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They dispatched a gator wrangler, who's used to rounding up reptiles measuring as much as 12-feet-long, to deal with a tiny creature they found crawling up their door.

Christine Kroboth of Gator Squad said she was contacted by Texas Parks and Wildlife at about 11 a.m. Friday to pick up an "alligator" on the front porch of a home.

“The homeowners are in their garage shaking," Kroboth said. "They’re so scared of this alligator on the front porch, so I step forward with caution."

When she didn’t spot the animal, she got nervous that it might have wandered off, out of sight.

She asked whether the homeowner might have spotted where it dashed off to, and the man pointed up, toward their door.

“I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” Kroboth said. “It’s this brown little lizard, around 7 inches, who is blending into their door. [The couple] was just looking at me with this blank stare."

She said she then tried to explain to the couple that their reptile was definitely not an alligator, and definitely not dangerous, but they didn’t seem to understand. Kroboth said they were new to the neighborhood, and may have previously lived in a more metropolitan area, one without lizards or alligators.

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Despite the false alarm, Kroboth said she did end up helping the couple remove the lizard, moving it somewhere safe.

“Usually we don’t charge for baby alligator removal but, I’m kind of thinking about it,” she said. “I will probably send them a bill for a wildlife removal.”

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