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How to Keep Your Furniture Grounded When a Powerful Storm Hits

People were struggling to keep the strong wind gusts from knocking the furniture off the roof.

As storm season approaches, flying pieces of furniture can be dangerous in major cities.

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So what can you do to make sure your furniture doesn't go flying off the roof during a storm this summer?

Inside Edition spoke with roof safety engineer Michael Larkin following a freak storm that struck New York City Monday.

"If a bad storm is coming, lower the umbrella; tie it up securely so it can’t go anywhere. If you leave it open, it becomes a sail and can fly away," he told Inside Edition. 

"People should look around their roof; look around their terraces for porch furniture," he added. "They should identify anything that is lightweight... They should bring lightweight furniture inside."

The powerful storm tore through New York City Monday afternoon, bringing 60 mph winds that toppled trees.

At a rooftop bar in Manhattan, people struggled to secure furniture.

Scenes like that are common, as city residents and restaurants around the nation extend their living space to outdoor terraces and roofs.

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In one video, powerful gusts in Phoenix can be seen knocking over a heavy concrete table.

Furniture flew off buildings during a powerful storm in Miami recently. Amazingly, no one was injured.

In April, a sudden gust of wind blasted a hammock off a luxury high-rise terrace in Manhattan. It hit a tourist walking on the sidewalk below. Luckily she survived her injuries.

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