Cops Investigating 'Wife Swap' Double Murder: 'I Knew Something Would Break' | Inside Edition

Cops Investigating 'Wife Swap' Double Murder: 'I Knew Something Would Break'

Laurie Sheidigger was struck by the family's overly strict religious values when she lived with them for eight days for the show.

A 25-year-old singer who once appeared on Wife Swap  who is suspected of murdering his mother and younger brother before trying to commit suicide, police say.

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Cops believe Jacob Stockdale fatally shot his little brother James, 21, and their mother Kathryn, 54, then turned the weapon on himself.

Jacob survived the suicide attempt Thursday. He is in critical condition in the hospital.

The brothers were part of a prize-winning bluegrass group called The Stockdale Family Band.

They appeared in an episode of the Wife Swap back in 2008.

In the episode, a mom from another family, Laurie Scheidegger, switched places with Kathryn Stockdale.

Scheidegger told Inside Edition she was struck by the Stockdales' strict upbringing.

“I knew something would break — I just didn't know what it was,” she told Inside Edition. “Jacob was not as outgoing and full of life as his other brothers. He was more to himself.”

During filming of the ABC reality show, she spent eight days with the Stockdale family.

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“When my son called me to tell me what had happened, he didn't know who the shooter was. I knew immediately,” Scheidegger said.

Cops say they are trying to work out what motive Jacob would have for killing James and their 54-year-old mother at their home outside Akron, Ohio.

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