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Free Louie: 132-Year-Old Lobster 'Pardoned' for National Lobster Month

Louie the Lobster is a 132-year-old lobster who was set free from a New York restaurant tank in honor of National Lobster Month.

A senior-citizen lobster named Louie has been returned to sea after residing in a tank at a New York restaurant for the last 20 years.

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While most American lobsters can live to be about 100 years old, 132-year-old Louie was set free from Peter’s Clam Bar in Island Park Friday.

Celebrating National Lobster Month, Louie’s “pardoning” was shared on Facebook by Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony J. Santino.

The 22-pound lobster had an official Proclamation signed by Santino honoring his pardon and was joined by owner of the restaurant, Butch Yamali.

Photos show Louie being held by both Santino and Yamali, and on the boat on which the large crustacean sailed to the Atlantic Beach Reef where he was freed.

"While most of the nation celebrates this month with delightful culinary lobster dishes, Hempstead Town is proud to do something different,” Santino said in a statement.

While happy to liberate the sea creature, Yamali was sad to see Louie go.

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“The residents of Island Park and frequenters of Peter’s Clam Bar will surely miss Louie the Lobster,” he said.

This pardon follows the pardoning of Larry the Lobster, who was set free last year by Supervisor Santino.

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