Couple Holding Out Hope for Return of 100-Pound Pet Pig Stolen From Home: 'It's Heartbreaking'

'Pig Pig' is a 100-pound pet pig who has been stolen for a second time from a San Jose home.

A 100-pound pet pig has been stolen for a second time in California, leaving her owners in an overwhelming state of anguish as they await her safe return.

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Owners Jeannie and Mark Ackerman, of San Jose, are in a desperate search for their 3-year-old mini pot-bellied pig, aptly named Pig Pig.

“I’m still somewhat confident that we'll be able to get her back if we keep getting the word out,” Mark said.

After returning home from a barbeque Sunday afternoon, the Ackermans returned home to find Pig Pig was gone, along with her kennel. Their security cameras were also ripped off from the front of the home. 

Pig Pig was first taken two years ago when she was much smaller, and was returned to the couple two days later after she was found at a local farm.

Mark says Pig Pig is very clean and gets along great with her two pit bull pet-mates.

“She’s just like one of the dogs, just a little more driven by food,” he said.

Mark says she even uses the doggy door and follows the dogs around constantly, but at her own pace.

The concerned owner told Inside Edition that the couple has hung up missing posters and flyers. They also made reports to the police and animal control.

“It’s heartbreaking, but if I knew someone took her to a farm, it would be a little easier,” he said. “Not knowing what happened [or] who took her is the hard part.”

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Mark says their Facebook post about Pig Pig's disappearance has more than 4,000 shares in the past two days.

He wants to try to make it impossible for whoever has ‘Pig Pig’ to go outside with her. They’ve also created a GoFundMe page to help raise money for a reward.

"I hope she’s safe and we’d like to have her back with the family," Ackerman said. "We miss her.” 

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