Crooning Cop Becomes Internet Sensation While Singing Johnny Cash: 'It Blew Us All Away'

Billy Morgan was filmed singing just like "The Man in Black" during roll call at the San Antonio Police Department station.

A Texas police officer has a musical talent that is getting him noticed across the country.

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Billy Morgan was in roll call for the San Antonio Police Department when he decided to pick up his guitar and start playing the Johnny Cash classic, “Folsom Prison Blues."

“I did have a little encouragement from my training officer to play once they discovered via YouTube that I’ve played before,” Morgan told Inside Edition.

Morgan says he used to have a band in town and played covers from the 50s and 60s. He is especially a big fan of both Cash and Elvis.

Officer Alexander Garza, who was also at the roll call, decided to film the performance. He and Morgan both recently graduated from the San Antonio Police Academy within the past year.

“Once he started playing, it blew us all away,” Garza said. “We did not expect him to be that good.”

Since the video has been shared on Facebook, it has received more than 380,000 views, and a positive reaction.

Garza believes it was an opportunity to “humanize the badge” and show people that police officers are like everyone else.

“We bleed, we think, we love, and we each have our own hobbies,” Garza said.

Officer Douglas Greene said he was also impressed with Morgan’s skills and not at all surprised by the positive feedback.

"This is a South Texas city that loves country music, so they can really appreciate someone who has talent," Greene said. “It’s a police officer that they love who’s serving their community."

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Morgan thinks Johnny Cash himself would appreciate his performance, since the late singer was such a humble man.

Morgan says he would love to work with charities, perhaps something that combines his singing background with his law enforcement career for the common good.

“I’d love to put something together,” he said. “I’m sure some charity needs me.”

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