Cosby Juror Surprised Case Ended in Mistrial, Thought Shamed Comic Would be Acquitted

The alternate juror also said he found it "confusing" that Cosby's wife was not present for the majority of the trial.

An alternate juror in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial has opened up about the two weeks in the courtroom, saying he's surprised the case ended in a mistrial.

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Juror No. 14, or Alternate No. 2, spoke out to Inside Edition Thursday, saying he wasn’t in the room for deliberations, but learned of tensions between his fellow jurors before the case ended in a mistrial June 17.

“From what I heard, deliberations were very tense and emotional," he said. "I think it was [that] they wanted to be back home. People were leaning one way and didn't want to change their minds."

The jurors spent six days inside a small conference room and were allegedly yelling at each other in confrontations that sometimes resulted in tears. One frustrated juror allegedly punched a wall.

It got so loud in the small room that sheriff's deputies stationed outside had to burst in numerous times to make sure everyone was okay, according to reports.

Two of the jurors reportedly believed Cosby was innocent and refused to change their minds.

Cosby accuser Lili Bernard, who was in the courtroom every day, says she is not surprised to hear reports of tension among the jurors.

“There was a pattern where the jury kept coming back into the courtroom and requesting read backs from the judge,” she said. “When they were coming back, there was at least 10, sometimes 11 jurors, who were extremely frustrated and angry.

"Many of them had puffy eyes, scowls; some of the people were clenching their fists. It was clear that they were very angry and frustrated.”

Ten jurors voted guilty and two voted not guilty, on count 1 of sexual assault without consent.

Cosby was nearly acquitted on the charge that accuser Andrea Constand was unconscious during the assault. Eleven of the jurors voted not guilty just one voted guilty.

On count 3, the allegation that Cosby gave Constand drugs without her knowledge led 10 jurors to vote guilty, but again, two holdouts voted not guilty.

“I was shocked there was a mistrial,” the juror, who did not wish to be identified, told Inside Edition.

He said that he felt the jury would acquit Cosby on all counts.

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“There were too many holes in the prosecution’s case,” he said. “The defense attorney did a great job.”

The juror also said it was “interesting” that Cosby’s wife of 43 years, Camille, was only in the court for one day, which happened to be when the defense gave their closing statement.

“It kind of upset me she was there for just one hour of the case while I spent two weeks of my life,” he said. “She probably didn’t want to hear all the details about the case.”

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