Grandmother, 81, Sparks Police Chase After Driving Wrong Way While on Coffee Run

Nancy Strader was arrested and spent 14 hours in jail.

An 81-year-old going out for “coffee” led cops on a slow-speed chase while going the wrong way on a Texas street Thursday.

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The elderly woman, identified as Nancy Strader, was going 25 miles per hour while driving in the opposite direction in Denton, police said.

When officers were finally able to pull her over, they instructed her to put the vehicle in park, turn it off, and unlock her door.

But the grandmother had other ideas.

As police repeated their commands, she suddenly took off, leading cops on a 10-minute chase.

When she finally stopped, police weren't taking any chances, deflating her tires and shattering her window with a small device on one cop's key ring.

Strader sat herself down on the road because she has bad knees and told the officers she was “driving to get a cup of coffee.”

“Nancy, why didn't you stop?” the officer asked.

“Why should I stop when I've done nothing?” she replied. “Why tell me that?”

She was taken into custody but never handcuffed due to her age.

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Strader was photographed for a mugshot and spent 14 hours in jail before she was bailed out by her son.

The woman's daughter-in-law, Becky Strader, told Inside Edition that there is a reasonable explanation why her mother-in-law was hesitant to stop

"She has heard stories about people that were not police officers pulling people over," she said. "She was frightened. She had told us she was afraid they were trying to steal her car." 

The senior citizen was charged with evading arrest and returned home. Her family says they are going to have her visit a doctor before she gets the keys to her car again.

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