Air Force Veteran Visits Disney 2,000 Days in a Row: 'It's a Magical Place'

Jeff Reitz completed his 2,000th consecutive visit to Disneyland and only plans to continue his adventure.

A California man has visited Disneyland Resort for 2,000 days in a row, even with a full time job.

Jeff Reitz, 44, began his Disney craze on January 1st, 2012 after he and a friend were given passes to the park in California as a Christmas gift.

From there, Reitz has gone to the park every day since.

Reitz works full-time at the Long Beach VA Hospital, a job he received with 98 days left of his first year at the park. He says he doesn’t need to spend the full day at Disneyland for it to count.

“It was never about spending the whole day,” he said. “It was just about making a visit. Visit may be as short as an hour or so.”

His favorite character on-site is Goofy and his favorite characters off-site are Pluto, Bruce the Great White Shark and Hank from Finding Dory. His favorite ride is and always has been the Matterhorn.

“I have a blast getting to see the snowman and riding the bobsled style rollercoaster,” Reitz said.

Reitz says every day is a new day and no visit is the same. He’s also picked up a lot of historical knowledge and learned how multiple attractions function.

“…there’s so much to experience that that’s the only reason I don’t do a set routine every day,” he explained. “That’s why I’m able to keep going without getting bored.”

Reitz has a Facebook that he started for the first 200 days of his journey which now he says is a dedicated Facebook page to Disney. He also has a Twitter and Instagram to document his daily adventures.

Reitz hit a Guinness world record and only plans to continue considering his annual pass isn’t over until January 2018. He has no intentions on stopping.

Disneyland Resort even honored their frequent guest in their news bulletin.

“It’s really a fun place. It’s a magical place and there’s so much to experience,” he said.