Raising Sextuplets Mother Speaks Out About Separation

INSIDE EDITION talks to reality TV star Jenny Masche who breaks her silence about the drama off screen of Raising Sextuplets.

As loving parents of sextuplets, reality TV stars Jenny and Bryan Masche lived seemingly happy lives on the WE network's Raising Sextuplets.

But off camera, their marriage imploded after Bryan's arrest for domestic violence and allegations of her extramarital affair.

Now Jenny breaks her silence and speaks exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about what she says broke up her marriage. She says it was his temper.

"He would cuss at me or yell at me and argue with me in front of the kids, and that was totally inappropriate," said Jenny.

Viewers of their show often saw Bryan's outbursts.

Jenny said that he would threaten her a lot: "The things that he said. It is scary."

The final straw came after an explosive argument that began with a 911 call made by Jenny's father and ended with Bryan's conviction for domestic violence.
"I'm worried about your kids, Bryan!" said Jenny's father.

In the call, you could hear Bryan threatening his father-in-law while Jenny pleads with him to stop.

"I'll ____ flatten you old man!" Bryan said.

When INSIDE EDITION spoke to Bryan earlier this year, he apologized for the incident but said he never raised a hand to his family.

"I've never ever hurt my wife, I never had any intention of hurting her. Frankly even to this day I still love her," said Bryan.

He blamed Jenny for their break-up, accusing her of having an affair with her former high school boyfriend, Levi McClendon.

"A knife in the heart isn't even a good enough description. It's just wrong. You don't do that," Bryan weeped.

"Bryan says point blank you cheated on him. Did you cheat on your husband?" INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked.

"There was a period of time I was talking to Levi on the phone and had very strong emotions for him and, you know, was still living at home with Bryan. Yes and that's wrong," replied Jenny.

She says it wasn't until after the separation, that she started dating McClendon and they fell in love.

The 36-year-old physician's assistant moved with her sextuplets to Phoenix, Arizona to be closer to McClendon who's a father of two.

But there was a surprising revelation when Moret asked if she would ever have more children.

"My heart would love to experience a normal pregnancy," said Jenny.

Jenny filed for a legal separation from Bryan last Septemeber.