Commuter Fed Up With Stalled Train Walks Through Tunnel to Avoid Being Late for Work

Matt says he would never pull such a stunt again.

A 22-year-old New Yorker was trapped inside a subway for an hour last week before deciding to take matters into his own hands.

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Matt D., who did not wish to reveal his last name, was on his way to his new job as a fireproofer in Manhattan last Tuesday when he found himself trapped on the subway.

The man from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, which is in the southernmost part of that borough, was on his way to College Point, Queens, and did not want to be late.

After waiting for an hour inside the midtown train terminal where the subway had stopped, he got out and walked the dark and dangerous tracks.

Usually, the only warm-blooded creatures walking along the tracks are rats, not humans. 

Even more dangerous is the high voltage third rail, which can kill you in an instant if you come in contact with it.

It was a two-minute frightening trek to the next station as he and another passenger bravely walked in the cavernous area.

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Matt took video as he walked through the tunnel while he and the other straphanger did their best to stay safe.

Matt says he won't ever try that again and when he finally got to work, he was about an hour-and-a-half late.

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