Shoppers Take Shelter Inside Home Depot as Tornado Touches Down Outside

The automatic doors of the store were blown open by the strong winds.

Shoppers took shelter inside a New Jersey Home Depot as a terrifying twister touched down outside the store over the weekend.

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The tornado ravaged the parking lot and the automatic doors were blown open. Lightning flashed as the twister could be seen swirling around cars.

Sheets of rain poured off the roof like a waterfall in Monmouth County Saturday morning.

“I've seen tornadoes before but never that close,” weather junkie Brett Zattick, who filmed some of the footage, told Inside Edition. “We started going back inside and you can see the funnel going right over us."

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Many customers and residents in the area took to Twitter to post photos of the aftermath.

Damage at #933 Howell Home Depot.. possible Tornado Touch to follow.

— Marie Wetmore (@marie_wetmore) June 24, 2017

Howell Oak Glen Park closed following storm & damage @News12NJ

— Ranji Sinha (@ranjisinha) June 24, 2017

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