Woman Hypnotizes Sharks

INSIDE EDITION dives into shark-infested waters with a woman who not only surrounds herself by sharks, but says she can put the creatures in a trance.

Christina Zenato is a renowned shark expert who works in the shark-infested waters of the Bahamas. She is known as 'the Shark Whisperer' because she can hypnotize them.

Zenato puts the ocean's fiercest predators in a trance simply by rubbing their noses.

To protect her from shark bites, Zenato puts on a specially reinforced wetsuit and over that she puts on a suit of stainless steel chain mail.

"This will prevent the shark teeth from getting through my skin," said Zenato.

Underwater it's a remarkable scene, dozens of reef sharks swarm around her but she's unfazed!

"I'm always surrounded by sharks, they are dancing around me," said Zenato.

Then the Shark Whisperer hypnotized the sea beasts:  "I reach out and pet each one of them on the head. I stroke their bodies and let them surround me."

Sharks instantly fall under her spell. She even tickled the sharks. Then she hypnotized two at the same time.

When a shark is under her spell, Zenato can lift it up and manipulate it into whatever position she wants in the almost weightless environment. She can even make the shark stand on its nose!

But for Zenato, hypnotizing sharks is not just a clever trick; she actually uses her powers to give medical aid to the sharks.

"People do not realize how delicate they are and how powerless they are," said Zenato.